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Why a Single Sex School?

Parents often debate the benefits of single sex and co-education. Whilst different schools and different types of education will benefit individuals at various stages of their schooling, we at Wykeham House see the following as strengths of separate boys’ and girls’ environments:


  • Teaching and pastoral care may be geared directly to the developmental, social, intellectual and emotional needs of girls and boys, which are different.


  • In a single sex environment, girls are more likely to take calculated risks in their academic work, which boys will undertake with greater ease.


  • Girls and boys can be encouraged to be active participants in class and extra-curricular activities – they are not the audience, but the players, for example there is no competition for the girls in the use of equipment such as computers and in science lessons all have to take an active part in practical work if carried out in separate classes.


  • In a single sex environment pupils are more focused on their performance than their appearance.


  • Girls and boys can enjoy not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity to take part in lessons across the whole curriculum; sport, music, art etc


  • Achievements will be given full recognition in our all girls’ school and boys’ achievements will be given full recognition the boys’ school.


  • Single sex environments help to counter gender stereotyping in subject choices – around 50% of our girls take separate sciences at GCSE with many going on to take Sciences and ICT at A Level and University.


  • Single sex schools help to build confidence and self-belief.


  • Boys’ mature more slowly than girls and this can be taken into account in the teaching methods employed in the boys’ school. Many boys thrive in a small nurturing environment, just as our girls do, in this long established school, they will be able to build their confidence in an atmosphere of support and appropriate challenge.


  • Boys and girls play very differently and at Wykeham House we will have separate playgrounds to allow our pupils to enjoy these times with their friends in surroundings that suit their needs.