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Welcome To Wykeham House Senior Boys' School

Welcome to Wykeham House Boys’ Senior School and I thank-you for entrusting us with your son's education.


We are a new school growing alongside the well-established Girls’ School. Here we have the luxury of being able to tailor the curriculum and teaching to the needs and strengths of boys. Our first group of Year 7 boys have now joined the School and this will grow over the next five years until they take their GCSE examinations with us. At GCSE level, we will have a wide variety of subjects on offer. The boys will be encouraged to select courses that match their personal strengths and their future aspirations.


The sports curriculum, which includes sailing, golf, squash and tennis, is designed to reflect the needs and future interests of young professionals. We aim to offer a busy extra-curricular programme with a broad range of activities and visits, all chosen for their appeal to the boys. These experiences will play a key part in building their confidence, independence and willingness to be a part of a courteous community where the boys look out for each other. I firmly believe in taking pupils out of the classroom and into situations which will help to broaden their horizons and fuel their enthusiasm for learning. It is also an invaluable platform for their social, emotional and physical development.


Please enjoy the following pages, which provide a taste of the experiences we believe combine to make the Boys’ School a unique learning environment. Better still, visit us and see what we offer at first hand. I would be delighted to discuss the contribution Wykeham House can make to your son on his journey towards young adulthood.


Helen Wilson

Head of Senior Boys’ School.